My Favorite Thing in the World

Guys. Blanket scarves. Okay and also the chocolate chips I’m munching on while writing this post because I just took one of those dead person naps and when I woke up I was so disoriented and I couldn’t move – haha. My Mom used to get so mad when we ate chocolate chips because there wouldn’t be enough when she wanted to bake something. But I think they always taste better than other chocolate, and they’re in bite sized pieces, and you don’t have to unwrap them! Also, they were on sale so I have another (unopened) bag for when it’s time to bake. Who’s with me?!

Alright, back to the scarf.


Blanket Scarf: Shein, Jeans: Gap (On Sale!!), Jacket: JC Penny (Old – Similar here), Shirt: (Old – Similar Here), Shoes: Nine West (Old – Similar Here), Bag: Nordstrom

I found the scarf through Liz’s (*perfect*) blog and am linking her tutorial on how to tie it. It’s perfect for fall, amazing through winter, and fabulous to wear to work and wrap around you like a blanket (literally – hehe). Is anyone else’s office ice cold ALL THE TIME? I swear, they keep the air conditioning on even when it’s 40 degrees outside. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing it to a client meeting, but when you’re sitting at your desk!? Instant comfort to wrap it around you.


How cute is my sweet roommate!? Fun fact: last weekend we hit our 500 day snap chat streak. I wore this scarf to the movies the other day, and ended up using it as an actual blanket because it was so cold in the theater. Anything with multiple functions is an A+ in my book.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


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