Financial Faux Pas: Missed Payment

So… basically I’m an idiot.


Over the summer, I went shopping with my Mom. I currently have an Ann Taylor credit card, because opening one gave me a killer deal on a huge purchase I made before my first internship. Think: I had one professional outfit for interviews, but I needed enough to work full time. I buy a lot of my clothes (professional and personal) at Ann Taylor and at Loft, so it’s worth it to have. I’m also really good about paying it off like it’s a debit card because it’s not an account I obsessively check every hour (truth). I also make a point not to use the “credit” portion of this card (or any of my cards) for an array of reasons, but mostly I just don’t need THAT many new articles of clothing.

Anyway. Beth and I went shopping, I bought 3 dresses for work, and I waited to make the payment until closer to the due date because I was spending so much money moving. I got an email saying it was due in November and misread the (very deceiving ) part about the $25 late payment. So basically my payment was due in October, but they didn’t tell me it was due in October, they just told me it was due in November and lumped in the late fee. I wrote down the due date, and didn’t think anything of it until I went online and looked at the bill. Dumb.

I had recently read an article about how most people accept their mistakes, and don’t usually do anything about them, but that some companies will actually help you out if you explain your mistake and aren’t a repeat offender. So I figured it was worth a shot, and I called customer service and told them what happened, and although they couldn’t “refund me,” they credited my account. Which was very nice of them, but I basically ended up giving Ann Taylor an interest free loan until I go shopping again.


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