Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

Okay, so, I know in my last post I said one of my goals for the month was to go to the tree lighting.


Photo Source

Well, starting December off strong and missing my first bucket list item. However, I did watch the tree lighting. I just did it from the comfort of my warm and cozy apartment and couch. It was raining outside, and I was in a meeting until 6:30 so I wouldn’t have even been able to see the tree (or the performers). This way I got the best of both worlds! I got to watch the event, I was warm and cozy, and I got to blog. Win/win/win situation, right? And we already have plans to go see the tree (and get hot chocolate) this weekend.

The performers tonight were amazing. If you missed it, I definitely recommend finding some of the replays online. The Pentatonix, Sarah McLachlan, and Josh Grobin were my favorites! And the tree is just magical – even on TV!


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