Subway Series: November 22, 2016


There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the subway with nothing to read. So in addition to downloading my spotify playlists, I always take a few minutes to open a few things in the web browser on my phone, download my emails, and screenshot a few articles to make sure I’m always prepared.

Here’s what I’m saving to read this week:

  1. 8 Things All Successful Women do on Sunday
  2. Natural Remedies For When You Aren’t Feeling Your Best
  3. 6 More Vocab Words I Learned In The Professional World (That I Never Heard In College)
  4. Notre Dame Football Team Placed on Probation Following Academic Misconduct
  5. Just How Much Money Do You Really Need for Retirement?

Regular Reads:

  1. The Skimm – A quick, easy, and entertaining way to know what’s going on in the world, emailed to you every morning. Sign up here.
  2. New York Times Morning Briefing – A more in depth overview of the daily events, also emailed to you every morning. Sign up here.
  3. Mashable – A news source that focuses on technology, digital content, and entertainment content while also publishing articles about global news.
  4. The Corner Office – A New York Times column that is published every Friday, and showcases interviews with leaders in the business world, and covers valuable lessons about leadership, management, and working in a business environment.
  5. Modern Love – Ugh guys. This is another NYT column that publishes a love story every Friday, and I just can’t get enough of it.